The Estate Agent (Realtor)

Photo courtesy of David Meredith, photographer

“I am sure you will agree that this is a real fixer-upper with loads of potential,” the estate agent said confidently.

Chloe glanced at Oliver to gauge his reaction.  But before she could voice her desire to leave, the agent added, “It is a prime location, and I am sure you noticed several of the spectacular homes from this series as we came into the development.  Did you know at least three daytime TV stars live in the community.”

Her interest piqued, Chloe looked at the place with new eyes.

“There is no way we could afford this neighbourhood,” Ollie began, “much less renovations.”

“It is far more reasonable than you might think,” the agent said with a smile.  “We also have a builders firm that are marvels at this kind of work, and discounts can be arranged if we add their services to the contract.”

The Canadian couple again glanced at each other and nodded.  At that Chloe announced that they would take it.

The estate agent smiled and said, “I am sure you won’t be disappointed.”  Then she mused over whether she should have mentioned the string of suicides and the triple-homicide.

(194 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 13 2019



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