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One of Dianne’s favourite places

Of favourite colours , and favourite flowers –

These things such familiar sights day by day –

Favourite places and favourite foods –

Prized the more by me –

Now that my favourite has gone away.


Written for In Other Words, favorite things… on the one month anniversary of my wife’s passing.

Shared on d’Verse as well.  Be sure to check the link for some great poetry.



13 thoughts on “Favourite

    • I am sorry for your loss, and for the emotions you must fave felt on the recent anniversary of the sad day. The Dedication page on your blog is wonderful, and while I don’t tag Dianne inspired poetry I do mark them with ** on my poetry page. Again, thank you for your kind comment on the poem, and I hope Martin continues to inspire you.


  1. Such a poignant little poem, but saved from sadness because of your commitment to small pleasure, as if to reject that happiness would somehow disrespect what you happily shared. If this were the situation my beloved partner were I would be so glad to hear him say this.

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