Like A Dryad Out of Water


Silvanus couldn’t believe his luck.  The human with the chainsaw didn’t cut him in half as had happened with his Aunty Drynia.   No this guy fancied himself to be some sort of Michelangelo, freeing the spirit of what was within, not just chopping and cutting aimlessly.

So there Silvanus was, exposed to the light of day, and the cruel dryness of the air.  It was not only a frightening experience but painful as well.  He could barely breathe this thing dry stuff.  Where was the moist sap which had normally sustained him.  he was a Dryad out of water, well sap anyway.  There was only one thing to do.  Silvanus donned a mask and snorkel and channeled all of the sap he could into a tank.  He then set out to explore this strange wide-open world in which he found himself.

(142 Words)


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #49


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