The Marina

Margery had butterflies in her belly.  She couldn’t believe how well things were going with Aston.  She was surprised to have met someone on a dating app that shared so many interests with her.  He seemed instinctively to know exactly what to say; and he worked “in the City.”

At first she listened to her friend Eloise who warned to be careful of anything that was “too good to be true.”  But that was three weeks ago.   Then there was the Skype call, and he looked just like the online photo from the app.  It wasn’t an old shot, in fact she was impressed by the sheer number of books behind him during the call.

Then they met at the wine bar “of her choosing.”  He was witty, charming, and though casually dressed, he “had style.”

Now as she parked at the marina, wearing the sailing outfit she had bought for the occasion, she was ready for their second date – “on his boat.”  He waved to her from an adjoining cafe.  As they embraced, he noted he was wearing waterproofs.

She was surprised to then be led from the marina to a sand-spit where Aston, the librarian, had his kayak.

(200 words)



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