The Perfect Look

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Tom dreaded that it was now October and time to find that perfect look.  Gone were the days when he was a kid and an old sheet made the “perfect” ghost, or an orange sweatshirt could be transformed into a Jack-o’-lantern by adding some stuffing and a few triangles of black felt.  No, ever since he had been with Connie, Halloween costumes had to be state of the art.

Last year they had used a spider theme.  But this was not simple.  Tom had to shell out for a complete commercially constructed “dark” Spider Man outfit complete with web throwers.  Connie was a black widow with red hourglass emblem, and electronic legs that all twitched.   They had been second place at the country club Halloween event.  Not bad since the Gardeners had won for six years running.

“Listen Tom, this year we are going to beat that annoying Sally and Will.  To do it, we are going to take out all the stops,” Connie said.

“Yeah, bit the rules put a five hundred limit on the amount spent on a costume,” he reminded her.

“I have been thinking about that.  So I have arranged for us to see an expert in Bahrain who will outfit us.  We will be going as robots, and all the tech will be Japanese, but bought in Bahrain.  So we will pay 500 Bahrain Dinar, and be inside the rules.”

“But for the two costumes that will be over two and half thousand dollars,” Tom said almost weeping over the figure.

“And don’t forget the flights, I have booked them for $2266.  I’m getting excited.  This will be our year to win,” Connie said triumphantly.

Tom dreaded that it was now October and time to find that perfect look.


Tale Weaver – #245 – 17th October – Shopping

FOWC with Fandango — Spider


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