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Psalm 32:7-8 You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Have you ever felt the need to hide away?  This isn’t the same thing as running away, it is rather a taking of shelter while we recuperate, regroup, and refresh.   The psalmist said God is one (The One) of those refuges.   Whether it is as I have recently discussed, David using “hiding place” as a metaphor for God’s physical protection (like David found at En Gedi); or as a more general acknowledgement of God’s all loving concern for us when we are in more emotional or spiritual distress – the fact remains clear that we can shelter in him.

No matter what our trouble – the Psalm continues – God will protect us.  “If God is for us, who can stand against us?”  But this isn’t a shadowy cave, or being in bed with the sheets puller over our heads.  It is a refuge in which we are emboldened in!

I really like this image of being surrounded with “songs” of deliverance.  Music is powerful.  It stirs our emotions.  It empowers and uplifts.  Have you ever noticed that a tune can restore you when you are down?  I have had the experience of worship songs that are so mighty in both their lyrics and beat that I felt that same power radiating through me.  This passage says that in our times of need, God will envelope us with music that assures us of our deliverance.  Wow – just wow!

Dianne kept our home filled with music, whether she was making it herself, or whether it was just being played from a device.  This flow of melody gave our house a constant feel of safety and contentment.  This too comes to my mind when I read this passage.

This sanctuary of God’s presence and the idea of being surrounded by the musical promises of deliverance were dear to Dianne.  This passage appears in her blog and her notes as an important point of focus.  And I am happy I had the opportunity to focus on it today.

God has truly been a hiding place for me in the grief I have suffered.  He has provided me with friends and family that have lifted me up.  Yesterday, I had a visit from two dear sisters in Christ, who were very personifications of “songs of deliverance,” as they were tangible reminders that I am not alone, and that I am loved.  Later today, a brother from church is planning to visit as well, to be a support and help in the planning of Dianne’s memorial service (a task too close to home for me to do efficiently despite the fact that I have experience in planning the funerals and memorials of others).  It makes me smile as I write this that this brother is the worship leader at our assembly.  Now what better metaphorical image can I have for the coming of “songs of deliverance?”

See the Psalmist captured this all so well!



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