Menace in the Shadows


Cuthbert and Agnald had successfully battled the ogre which was beneath the bridge.  Then after a long and labourious fight they vanquished the four Grey Goblins in the forest approach.  Now at last they could see the ruins of the fabled Culandoon, where a great treasure was said to lay buried at the foot of a brick archway.

“I think the fighting is at last behind us,” Cuthbert said wiping the sweat from his brow.

“And none too soon,” his comrade remarked. “I am at my strength’s end.  In fact I hardly know if I will be capable of digging on this day.”

The two slowly approached the gates, and the compound beyond.  Little did they know that they had yet to contend with the ferrous Araneae Salix, the two metre tall “Willow Spider.”


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #51

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