Celebration of Life


Today we held the memorial service and celebration of life of my wife, Dianne.  Pastor Vince fulfilled all of Dianne’s wishes as how she would have liked to have been remembered, and Pastor Joe and the worship team really touched my heart with their singing.  Readings by sisters Amba and Claire were exactly how Dianne had pictured it, and Amba’s singing of Revelation Song was awesome.   Love was shown to me and Dianne by so many today, from food being prepared, to the arranging of the service, to the wonderful testimonies of so many friends.  Thank you everyone.

Those gathered were a testimony to Dianne.  Christian, non-Christians, members of singing and drama societies, Toastmasters, family members, former students, and brothers and sisters in Christ.  Dianne touched so many.

A gathering together-

To reflect on a life –

Such varied relations –

That defined my wife


Stories of  love and compassion

Moments shared – retold

Her mark was made

Her memories we hold


A lady of music,

Of humour and of wit

Yet, her faith above all

Never counterfeit


We’ve said our farewells

A few shed a tear

But we’ll meet again

On that I am clear

Thank you again everyone who came to share your love of Dianne.  You were all precious to her, and I hope to see each of you personally in the near future.





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