The Roommate

Helen stared with disbelief at the hotel.  It sat, not in the picturesque valley below as she had anticipated, but on a winding switchback half way up the mountain.

Her college roommate, Sadie had told her that it was luxurious, with a south facing aspect which allowed the guest to take in the splendor of the mountains.  South facing aspect with views, Helen mused.  All I see is clouds and spitting rain.  

Sadie had insisted that they meet on this particular weekend as she had something exciting to show her.  “Put it in your diary,” she insisted. “You will meet me there, won’t you?  It’s on me, I promise.”

Helen had agreed, and a free weekend getaway on the Continent did have some appeal, especially if it was at a “luxury” hotel with “hot and cold running waiters” like her friend said.

But luxury?  There was no pomp to this place at all.  It was quint maybe, but it needed some paint, and as far as “hot” staff, that could only be the overheated sixty year old counter receptionist who almost passed out helping Helen carry her tiny case to her room.

Helen waited at the bar (which was empty) for a while, then went back to her “Premium” room which had a lumpy mattress, and artwork that belonged in a charity shop.

Then, four hours after checking in, Helen received a text from Sadie.  It read, “Hope you arrived okay.  This is for you stealing my boyfriend back in Sophomore year.  Hope you have a great stay, and there will be a bill waiting for you at the desk at check out.”




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