The Mound

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Sally’s parents had told her that the little mound at the bottom of the garden had been an old shed which had collapsed through time and neglect.  Yet, if that were the case, why had it sprouted flowers and grass without a single bit of human effort, or the addition of top soil?  Yes, Mum had had the birdbath put on top of it, but only after the flowers has appeared.  Before that, she had asked Uncle Steve to cart away the rubble so she could put a gazebo there.  But those flowers – there was just something about them that made the place seem – well – special.

It was on a late July afternoon that it happened.  Sally had been sitting at the picnic table in the centre of the garden when she spied some movement on the mound out of the corner of her eye.  She took a quick glance, expecting to see a robin or sparrow at the bath, but there was only a butterfly flitting near the little border of the mound.  Dismissing it she went back to her sudoku puzzle book.  But then there was something in her peripheral vision again.  This time she kept her puzzle book in front of her and just barely tilted her head to get a better view.  There standing at the rim of the birdbath was a little man, no more than three inches tall, lowering a tiny bucket into the bath.  When it was filled he slowly lowered it to two little women waiting at the base of the bath.

Sally let out an excited squeal and as quickly as they had seemed to have appeared – they were gone.



Tale Weaver #248 – At the Bottom of the Garden – 7th November

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