Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll: A Review

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It’s Foodie Friday, and time for another vegetarian food review.  The “fast-food” bakery chain Greggs has started making a vegan sausage roll.  Their website states it is in response to petitions from vegan and animal rights groups.  As for me, the fact that it gives a veggie option is good enough.

It has been decades since I last ate a “real” sausage roll, but my memory of them is that they are a bit on the greasy side, with a acidy after burn from cheap cuts of meat.  So it was pleasant to find that Greggs’ vegan offering lacked the acid, and actually tastes better than the pork “original.”

Its filling is made from a Quorn product, and the pastry is light and has a nice texture.  The size is excellent too, and fits the mouth well without showering you with flake pastry crumbs.  A typical roll is 101 grams, of which 19 grams are fats (9 g saturates).  It’s not Keto friendly though with 21 grams of carb.  Calorie-wise it has 312 calories per typical roll.

I found this to be a nice snack, lunch, and on at least one recent morning – breakfast. One additional caveat however is that each roll does have 1.9 grams of salt.


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