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Ellen was really stressed now.

Okay, it had been a wonderful wedding, and she had been so chuffed that her friend, Sue had asked her to be the maid of honour.  The ceremony had been in London, but they had the hen night at home in Manchester.

It had been quite the party, and truth be told Ellen didn’t remember much after the arrival of the male stripper and the third (or was it forth) round of Mojitos.  In fact, she wasn’t able to drive afterwards.  Sue and Chloe had bundled her into her car, and though she hadn’t been in much better shape, Sue drove them to the airport.

It was so hazy now.  She remembered Sue parking the car, and hurrying her into the terminal saying they were going to be late.  Sue also said, “Take a look round so you remember where your car is.  I will be only my honeymoon so you will need to find it yourself.”

Now Ellen was getting worried.  She was sure this was the right place, but where had her car gone?  There was no sign of it.


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