Appeal to A Greater Power


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earth day network

A group of strepitous youths were kicking a ball around on the village green.  There was something comforting and familiar about the experience as it had been their practice for the past three years to come together for a kick-about on Saturday afternoons.

But if in their thoughts today would be the same, they were mistaken.  For as they were in the middle of their game a man of about fifty-five strode through the middle of the green, oblivious to their presence.  He had his nose in a paperback and munched a sandwich which he took from a plastic bag at his side.

As he finished his snack, he let the bag drop and it rolled across the field and got caught on a tuft of grass.

“Hey mate,” Jonny Wilson shouted at the offending individual.  “Are you going to pick that up?  This planet is my generations inheritance.”

“Spare me the platitudes, your generation owes mine for your very existence.”

This was more than Jonny and his mate Ian could stomach and they knew exactly what to do to bring a resolution to the situation.

They hustled towards the man, and then reaching him knelt down to retrieve Ian’s mobile from his rucksack.  Ian then slid the cursor across the screen and began to type: “Greta, we urgently need your help in Little Wayham.”




Wordle #157

1. Type
2. Strepitous- adjective boisterous, noisy
3. Platitude– noun a flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound.
4. Roll
5. Green
7. Thoughts
8. Cursor
9. Tuft
11.Plastic Bag

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