Ticking Away: A Haibun


“Why does my watch say quartz on it? I asked for a gold one for my birthday,” Esther questioned a little miffed at her present.

“It is gold, Darling,” her mum replied.

“Well, then you got ripped off Mum.  It’s false advertising, if they said it was gold, cuz it says quartz right on it.”

Sometimes there is no way to overcome the logic of a twelve year old.

Little prisms of quartz
Regulating watch current
Nature’s power source

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, November 13th 2019, crystals

2 thoughts on “Ticking Away: A Haibun

  1. I think that Esther is being an ungrateful little schlemozzle and deserves coal for her birthday.
    I enjoyed your story Haibun. However, it reminds me that I used to have this awful person who said that she would always question whether my poems were based on reality or fiction since Haibuns were ALWAYS supposed to be non-fiction. I say that if you’re applying that many rules to poetry, you’re doing it wrong. Fortunately, she got miffed with me after a time and departed after leaving me a really nasty comment. I was just glad to get rid of her.
    And now you know the story of my awful visitor. Perhaps I should top it off with a Senryu and make it an official Haibun–100% nonfiction!

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