The Stake Out


Andrew Neel at

Boris and Natasha readied themselves for another long night in the hotel room which overlooked the window of their targets.  Much of their sophisticated kit was hidden from view, and mere props were left in plain view of the window.  A tourist’s camera and a simple laptop were arranged in such a manner as to allay suspicion from the maids, and anyone overlooking their own observation post.

“Natasha, my darling, why have we put the black coat on the bed?  I am known for my black coat.”

“Yes, but this coat is designer, and bears a logo.  No one will ever expect that the infamous Boris Badenov would wear such a garment.”

“Ah, I see your point, but why all of this elaborate posturing?  We are on the top floor so nobody can see in from outside, and we vetted the hotel, the staff are trustworthy, especially after our ‘tips’.”

“Boris, you idiot.  You seem to forget that Moose and Squirrel are no fools, and that Squirrel flies.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #41


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