Silver Bells

Horses, Horse, Truck, Mare, Stallion


John and Irene climbed aboard and the driver urged the horses into motion.  The ringing of the jingle bells and the clip-clop of the horses’ hooves gave the journey a magical quality.  They took in the lights and the bright decorations, and on a couple of occasions Irene commented on the advertisements for Christmas bargains at the shops they passed.

“Wasn’t that marvelous?” Irene asked as the climbed down at the end of the ride.

“Yeah, it was pretty amazing,” he conceded. “The only hiccup, for me is that I wish it wasn’t still August.”


Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, 23 November 2019 Our three words, using onomatopoeia are:

  • ring
  • clip-clop
  • hiccup 

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