The Portal


There has been a lot of controversy over Santa’s ability to transit the entire world in a single night.  While the distances are immense, they are not as great as you might imagine.  You see, Mr. Claus does not have to cross oceans.  Instead, there are a series of portals located near coasts which allow him to short cut the distances.

One of these is located in the Burlingham Woods in the English county of Norfolk.  This brightly decorated ring keeps well with the perpetual Christmas spirit of the place.  The one down-side of its presence there is that the cold drafts from Santa’s North Pole headquarters keep the majestic tree at its centre always in winter form, even when those around it are in full summer green.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

2 thoughts on “The Portal

  1. I’m chuckling, Padre, for it really does look the oak is in winter foliage while all around still is green.
    I confess I had trouble with the clarity of the photo. I had a choice: to blur the foliage, or to have it looking all messy. And we couldn’t have it messy for Santa, could we. 🙂

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