The Face

woman touching her ear

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Manny King was a top mechanic and the most good ol’ of all the local good ol’ boys.  He had been the captain of the high school football team, and held the local record for how many beers he could chug down in three minutes.  Ever since their sophomore year he had dated Helen, the head cheerleader and homecoming queen.

Two weeks ago however when she was waitressing at Big Red’s Truck Stop, things had all gone wrong.  Some college fella, called Troy, or some such, stopped in, driving his BMW and flashing around money and a perfect smile.  Worse still, he openly flirted with Helen, and she reciprocated.  At the end of her shift, Helen left her apron and Manny’s class ring with Big Red and took off to the city with flashy frat boy.

When Manny finished at the garage he went to pick up Helen, only to be told what had transpired.   He was furious, but didn’t know what to do.  He therefore went to see, his older brother, Aggie for advice.   Aggie knew exactly what to do.  He rounded up all the good ol’ boys, and a convoy of over a hundred pick-up trucks headed towards the city to retrieve Helen.

You might say Helen was the face that launched a thousand Hicks.


Based on Menelaus and Helen.

Sunday Writing Prompts “Myths and Love”


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