Modern Times: A pseudo-Haibun

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image: The Sun

It is a sad reflection on our modern times when iconic landmarks cannot be clearly viewed.  Be it Buckingham Palace, The White House, or hundreds of other key tourist destinations, they are enclosed in cordons of concrete bollards and barricades.

While one might appreciate the security concerns about the safety of heads of state, these obstacles (and often eyesores) also surround many museums as well.  Holocaust museums, okay, but art galleries?  How have we come to this point that society is so broken that everyplace where the public might gather is in need of fortification?


Historic places, monuments all

Museums, palaces, national malls

Our heritage is there for all to see

But photos come with difficulty

Try as you may, and try as you might

It’s hard to keep the barricades

Out of your camera’s sights

Weekend Writing Prompt #135 – Barricade in 136 words


2 thoughts on “Modern Times: A pseudo-Haibun

  1. Indeed. On US military bases, parking lots are set far from buildings (for shopping, not defense) and fat, architecturally pleasing, reinforced concrete bollards block all entry ways, and it has become normal. The next thing you know they’ll be building defensive high walls and moats around our castles. Historical times asking if we’ve changed much? 78 years ago today (7 December 1941) Japan attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor. We didn’t start the fire, but certainly live with it.

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