Photo courtesy of Paul Howell (Mystery writer Betty Webb‘s husband)

First it was the cane toads in Australia.  Then the same creatures made a showing in South Florida.  But both invasions paled in comparison to the latest threat: the prism toad assault on America.

The so called prism toad could appear in any colour of the rainbow, and possessed the chameleon-like ability to change colour to match any surrounding. They could, in plagues of Egypt fashion, lurk anywhere.

No, they were not poisonous, but they were ravenous.  Their prey?  Synthetic fibres.  To maintain their plastic-like skins, they devoured twice their own body weight each day.  K-Mart and Target Stores were the first to suffer losses, some believe from an infected shipment of discount clothing from Indonesia.  But soon no discount clothier could maintain stock.  No clothesline or laundry room could withstand their hunger.

In the face of this environmental and economic calamity, only cotton farmers and shepherds could raise a smile.


Sunday Photo Fiction – Dec 08 2019

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