Newspaper, Paper, Newsprint


“I am so confused,” Charlie said.  “‘Fake news,’ half truths, and everyone saying the other side is manipulating the facts.”

“I know what you mean,” Carol replied. “Like the Tories setting up a ‘fact finding’ website that was just to confuse voters.”

“Then there’s the papers,” Harriet piped in. “You have the left-wing Guardian and the totally right polarised, Express.  

“Telly’s just as bad,” Carol observed. “And it’s confusing.  People have accused the Beeb of being liberal in its views for years, but now Labour is saying the BBC commentators have conspired against them.

“Like I said,” Charlie reiterated, “I am confused.  Where can we possibly go to find the truth?”

“Maybe something foreign like Aljazeera or Fox will set us straight,” Harriet offered.




FOWC with Fandango — Go

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Polar Express



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