The Loft (Attic) Conversion


The Allisons had saved for two years in order to convert their difficult to access loft into an office for Debera’s free-lance writing business.  It was a major investment, and they knew when it was done they would need to use only basic furnishings until they could save enough for quality replacements.  They were thrilled, therefore, when they saw an advertisement in the local free-paper for a renovations company which guaranteed the lowest prices.   And low they were!  The quote they were given by the Borisov Brothers was only 2/3 that of the next lowest.  Their portfolio photos seemed impressive as well so the contract was made.

For the next four weeks their was constant hammering and sawing, as burly workmen came and went.  At last, Sergei and Alexander summoned the Allisons upstairs to view the completed work.

Debera couldn’t believe her eyes.  The stairs leading into the loft-office ran at odd angles and multiple entryways were evident.  Some seemed to snake upwards, while others seemed not to go anywhere particular.

“I – I don’t know what you think this is, but it’s not what we agreed on,” David said accusingly.  “This is outrageous.”

“Why are you angry?” Alexander said confused.  “You asked for loft to be make easy.  We make easy to get in and out.  Can you not see?  We give you famous Russian steps.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #46

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