The Session

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It was a rainy Sunday back when I was in high school.  I was spending the day with my girlfriend, Tracy.   She had always been a bit of a tomboy, and because of this, she took a lot of criticism from other girls who loved to tease her about her lack of “dress sense” and her husky voice.  They had spread a rumour that she was a lesbian, which in the 80s was still not a “done thing.”  This kept her from becoming popular with the with the boys as well.

I met her when I joined a Saturday bowling league.  We were paired up randomly as a team, and we hit it off almost immediately.  It was only when she started going out with me that there was any let of the ridicule she endured.   She was a great bowler, and what most didn’t know was she had an incredible voice.  That same huskiness they made fun of, gave her singing a Cher-like quality.

As I was saying before I digressed, It was raining, and the weekend seemed a “wash out.”  Just for fun, I suggested that she get her guitar and we would record some of her songs.  Being teenagers, and it being the Eighties, it was a stop and go process and our labours resulted in a cassette tape with three tracks we were happy with.  Again just for something to do, we looked up a music agent in the Yellow Pages and dropped the tape into the post on the Monday.

About three weeks later she brought an envelope to school which she had received the day before.  The stationery itself was high quality, and the pre-printed return address was that of the music agent.  She was too afraid to open it herself.  We stood by her locker and I gently teased the seal open as to not damage the fancy envelope, and then read the correspondence silently.

“He hated it, didn’t he?” Tracy said with her usual lack of self confidence.

“Love, actually,” I responded.  “Looks like you have yourself an audition at a real music studio.”




Based on some actual events but folded together into a single tale.


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