Pizza Epiphany

Pizza Hawaiian, Pizza Plate, Court

Image by ASSY from Pixabay 

Wendy went to Pizza Hut – with her nephew, Steven

There she ordered a Hawaiian pie – it’s crust was crisp and even

Steve he said, “Fruit don’t belong, upon any pizza.”

So he ate the ham and crust, the rest – he did a leav-a.


“Come now Steve, and explain to me

If thou know’st it, telling

What’s wrong with pine – apple, 

It’s one of their best selling?”


“Aunty, it tastes so foul

Sweet and savoury mixing.

Try pepperoni – any day –

You don’t know what you’re missing.”


So a convert, she was made

Pineapple – it’s discarded –

Wendy’s now a Meat Feast fan

Her taste buds with pleasure bombarded.




Very loosely based on Good King Wenceslas










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