The Release

Fountain Pen, Letter, Handwriting

image: Pixabay

Dom passed a note to Ben which read, In 2020, I will let go of my inhibitions.

Really, Ben replied. Do you have anything in particular in mind?

To start off with, I was considering ignoring any embarrassment and just making a big display of wishing everyone a Happy New Year, Dom responded.

That sounds an excellent idea.  Do you mind if I join you?

Please do, Dom replied, I think it would help me keep my nerve if you did.

The next morning, much to the dismay of the abbot of their Trappist monastery, Brothers Dominic and Benedict arrived to Vigils with large signs around there necks which read, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Write something that starts with “In 2020, I will let go of…”

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