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It really couldn’t be called a conspiracy.  It was more of an open secret, in which everyone present was in agreement.  How could it be seen as conspiratorial when everyone, including the authorities knew what they were meeting for?

Despite this, however, Enid felt a bit uncomfortable with being part of it.  She was in her very nature a conformist.  “One mustn’t moan,” her mother had always said, and Enid had taken it to heart.  That didn’t mean that she was actually happy about the situation in her heart of hearts, but she just wasn’t comfortable actually complaining or making a scene.

“Okay everybody,” Howard Clark, their self-appointed leader said. “Shall we put it to a vote?   All in favour?”

Thirty-five hands shot up, while Enid glanced around the room.  After a pause, she slowly raised her hand to join them.

“That’s unanimous then,” Howard said in a triumphant voice.

And that was that.  The boycott of “Meatloaf Monday” at the Happy Acres Nursing Home was agreed.   Residents would all fail to make their to the dining room for Monday lunch until the vile “mystery meat” concoction was removed from the menu.   Family members would be notified, and supermarket sandwiches would be brought in, whether the staff nutritionist, Sally, liked it or not.




FOWC with Fandango — Conspiracy

Shall We Gather By The River

The Hunt Train had been making good time and Kentucky Hunt had decided to slow the wagons.  There was no need to exhaust the oxen more than necessary, and pushing harder would still make their arrival at the river too late to safely cross before dusk.

It was therefore about seven in the evening when the train came to the riverside.  Camp was made, and many had their thoughts on the caulking of the wagons, and the crossing that awaited them in the morning.  This was not foremost in the mind of Reverend Amos Gilbert, a stern but friendly Baptist preacher from Cincinnati, however.  He knew that the preparations would take several hour of the next Sabbath morn, so he approached Boss Hunt.

“What can I do for ya, Preacher,” Kent Hunt asked as the clergyman neared the centre fire.

“I have had a lot of opportunity the spend time with the Tolberts, and their girl Henni-Sue is ready to give herself over to the Lord.  So I was thinking, that while you and your boys, and Sam Kelly and such are getting the wagons ready to cross, that I might take the Tolberts, and some of the young folks and ladies and have a little meeting.”

“Who will get your wagon ready, Preacher?” the Kentuckian asked.

“I suppose that the Jew – Weiss, and Kelly would do it,” the Ohioan responded.

“I have no objections, but if your wagon ain’t ready, I’m not hold’n the train up to wait for you.”

“More than fair,” the preacher responded.

The next morning the riverside was a hive of activity.  Two hives in fact, as the Hunt Company men, and several of the wagon owners caulked wagons, and wrapped belonging for the crossing on one site, while William Tolbert and his wife, Henni praised God as their thirteen year old daughter, Henni-Sue was baptised by Gilbert.

Hunt and Gilbert both done with their respective ministrations, turned to each other and nodded.  Soon the wagons were crossing the river, and the Hunt Train continued its journey to the Willamette.



Written for Daily Writing Prompt #31: Wagon Train

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Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 21


inspiration call

Rushing towards home
Amid rolling hills of play
Sandwiches await

Inspiration Call – 7 Jan 2020

sweet dreams

Nocturnal kisses
And intimate embraces
Sweetest dreams indeed

Written for Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 15th 2020, sweet dreams

broken heart

Left behind in death
Brokenhearted now to mourn
Alone – grief to bear

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 29th 2020, broken heart


three line tales, week 209: a guy spinning a basket ball on his finger with Pokemon in the background

photo by Bannon Morrissy via Unsplash

High School All-Star, too short for the NBA

So he took his massive talent

And signed with Chuck-E‘s pizza and play

Three Line Tales, Week 209 JANUARY 30, 2020








Marking the Day

Jon and Eva had met a year before.  It was amazing how the year had flown by, and they had made the most of the time they shared together.  Scheduling was not always easy. During the school term, Eva was constantly marking or writing lesson plans.  This was complicated even more when Jon’s firm sent him to Hamburg for four weeks to work on a new retail development there.

Yes, time was short, but they did what the could. Eva even put several of her own paintings on hold so she could meet with “Mr. Shy,” as she called him.

Shy he might be, but he was also romantic.  Eva had made a passing comment on the day they had met, that she loved turquoise.  This stuck with him, and when they had their six “Month-versary” he presented her with a pair of turquoise earrings.  And then with the anniversary of their meeting approaching, he bought her a dress as near to the color of the blossoms they had seen on that day.

Now, on the anniversary, they again met at the cafe.  Eva was wearing her new dress, and Jon had one of the little flowers from the park, which he handed to her at the table.  She smiled and tucked it behind her ear,

They chatted about nothing in particular, but held hands and just enjoyed each other’s company.

“Would you like to go for a walk in the park?” he finally asked.

“I would love it,” she said.

He paid the waitress and then walked Eva across the street to the flower carpeted park.

“Eva,” he said taking on his trade mark red hue.

“Yeah,” she responded thinking something was up.

“Would you like – like to go to Barcelona with me?” he said taking out a pair of airline tickets.

She smiled and nodded in the affirmative, and then kissed him.

After a moment he stepped back and then blushed even more severely than usual.

“What?” she said teasingly.  “Are you up to something?”

This was confirmed a moment later when he dropped to one knee and produced a diamond ring flanked with two small turquoise stones.

“Eva Mason, will you marry me?”

She pulled him to his feet and kissed him.

“Yes! Yes, I will,” she almost squealed.

He placed the ring upon her finger, and held her tightly.

After a long embrace, and when they had both stopped shaking, he stepped back and took out his phone.

“Lay down in the flowers so I can take a picture.  I want to remember this moment forever.”


Inspiration Call: Character Development Thursday

A Kiss Amid the Flowers

Jon was not really ready to move on.  Miriam had left him to “find herself,” only six weeks ago, but his sister kept insisting that he put it behind him, and take the plunge again.  He therefore reluctantly agreed to a bind date with her colleague, Eva.

It wasn’t going to be any more awkward than it needed be, just a cup of coffee and a chat.  No planned meal with reservations, or anything.  It could be short and sweet if they didn’t hit it off.

“So how long have you been a teacher?” Jon asked.

“About three years, and I really enjoy it.  I love seeing the creativity, and expression the kids can give.  That’s what’s great about teaching art.”

“So you’re an artist?” he asked, sincerely interested.

“Yes, I guess so.  It’s kind of my passion.”

“Having passion is good,” he said – before blushing and quickly adding, “about your work I mean.”

He was now even more embarrassed and Eva took pity on him.  “So Helen tells me you are an architect.  Kind of an artist too,” she said with a wink.

“Um, yeah, but mostly just straight lines, and  – and,” he trailed off.

Eva liked the shy innocence he was showing, and changed the subject to places she had been to on holiday and the beautiful buildings she had seen.  Jon took the opportunity to overcome his momentary shyness and joined in with some travels of his own.

The conversation then fell onto Barcelona, a city they both had been to and loved.  Art, Gaudí, parks, and food were recalled and enthusiastically discussed.

“I just adore paella,” Eva was concluding when Jon noticed that they had come to be holding hands across the table.  Not only that, but two hours had passed, in what seemed mere minutes.

“Eva,” he said, “this has been really wonderful, but it’s getting kind of late.  Do you think – do you think you might like to meet me again?” He asked, reddening again.

“Of course I would,” she responded.

As the left the cafe, Jon asked if he could walk her to her car.

“That would be really lovely,” she said, “I am parked across the street, next to the park.”

Hand in hand, they crossed over and then cut a little diagonal through vivid blue flowers in the park to get to her car.

“Aren’t these just so beautiful?” she said, more as a statement than a question. “I love  turquoise.”

“Second most beautiful thing I have seen today,” he said reddening yet again,

At that, he suddenly felt the moist softness of her lips upon his.  It was exquisite.  They stood embraced, enjoying the gentle sensation of their joined lips, breathing each other’s air.  They were both sure at that moment that this was for life.



Inspiration Call: Write about a unique first kiss.




Restaurant, Cafe, Einstein Restaurant


Brian sat quietly, alone at a booth in a wayside diner.  It was a Tuesday, and that meant it was Ruby May’s famous chicken fried steak today.  Brian didn’t know what it was about it that made him look forward to it so much.  Maybe it was the balance of black pepper and the hint of cajun spice, or maybe it was just that he like the chance to get out and the see Ruby’s welcoming smile.

“Hey, Darlin’,” she would say, “The usual?”

“Yes ma’am,” he would reply and then begin to sip on his coffee, while he waited for his steak, and those creamy mashed potatoes.

Today was a little different than normal.  As he was sipping his coffee, a couple of young men and two young women took their seats in the booth across from him.

“Sooo – Freddy, this is your cousin you told us about,” a busty blonde of about twenty-five said.”

“Yea, this is Keith,” Freddy said.

Keith was in his mid-twenties.  He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with the word “Army” across the chest.  Normally, Brian wouldn’t have taken much notice, but there was something about the young man who was carrying on the upwards side of thirty extra pound, and the Bronze Star ribbon pinned to his T-shirt that drew Brian’s attention.

Alice, Ruby’s assistant came and took the drinks orders for the foursome, and as soon as she left,  Keith started to regale the enthralled women with tales of his exploits on “secret missions,” and daring raids.

The scenarios discussed were all too familiar to Brian, and led him to momentarily drift into his own memories.  He was brought back to the present when Keith pulled out an iPhone with an Air Force cover and placed it on the table.

“Yep, only been back in country a few days,” he said.  “Hope you ladies won’t mind if I get a call and have to leave suddenly.”

“Oh no,” the blonde said. “Heroes have to do what heroes have to do,”   The redhead nodding her head in agreement.

Slowly, Brian used his arms to help swing his prosthetic legs from under the table.  He then took his crutch under one arm, and his coffee in the other hand, and moved towards a distant table.

As he went, Lance Corporal Brian Johnson said, “I knew a hero once, but he died pulling me from the humvee,”  No other words needed to be said.




Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Once


Wild Country

Bison Near Kelly Wyoming, Bison, Nature


Wild country –

Barren land –

Sweeping grasses –

Untouched by man.


The wagons roll,

Across the wide prairie –

Keen eyed scouts –

Of dangers wary.


Intrepid settlers –

New lives to make –

Establishing their homesteads –

With plough and rake.


Soon this land –

Settled –

Will be wild –

No more.


(44 Words)




dVerse: Quadrille #96: Wild Monday