When Deterrents Fail


Boris Johnson arrived at an emergency meeting of the COBRA Committee.  Years of cuts and austerity had now led to an unforeseen situation.  Britain’s nuclear deterrent was limited as the number of submarines was at bear minimum, and the new carrier, Queen Elizabeth was not yet fully operational with a full complement of aircraft.

But the Russians, Chinese, and even the Iranians were making more blatant threats through entering UK territorial waters, or by aggressive shadowing of British merchant vessels in the Gulf.  Brexit wasn’t helping matters either, and EU fishing vessels were now regularly encroaching on UK fisheries.

“Is there anything we, ah – um, can do?” Johnson asked the naval adviser.

“There are the Americans, Sir.”

“No, that will even make us look weaker,” he retorted.

“There is an ancient alternative going back to King Canute,” another said, sliding him a file.

“Brilliant. We’ll release the Kraken,” he ordered.




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60





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