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It was the big annual promotion drive at the Eucalyptus Acres Retirement Community.  The open house event featured spry elderly residents playing tennis, taking Salsa dance lessons, and having a lively and highly social life.   Visitors, and especially the media and perspective future patrons, were shown what a quality life old age could be in facilities like Sydney’s Eucalyptus Acres.

An anonymous note had been passed to a journalist at the close of the previous year’s event.  It suggested that not all was as it seemed in the complex.  With that in mind, the investigative reporter, Nancy Howard kept her eyes open and her cameraman close as she attended this year’s do.

After getting the usual shots, and taping the chief executive’s promotional speech, Nancy slipped quietly down a side corridor.   There she found that the hallway was shorter than its twin in the other direction, and in fact seemed to end abruptly with heavy curtains blocking the way.  Nancy, cameraman in tow, pulled back the drapes to find a day room filled with the most feeble and emaciated people she had ever seen.  Yes, behind the curtain were the Wizened of Aus.



Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Wizard of Oz

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