Tesco Plant Chef Battered Fish Free Fillets : Review


Tesco Plant Chef Battered Fish Free Fillets 250G

Image: Tesco own site

I am a Pescetarian, and as such I have no dietary or ideological reasons to seek fish-free products.  But when I saw Tesco’s Plant Chef Fish-Free Fillets, I decided to give them a try.

I found the product to be of good quality, and filling.   As I said I do eat fish, so when comparing the fillets to actual seafood it comes in with a mixed review.  The texture and flavour are very akin to that of supermarket own brand fish fingers (fish sticks).   So the product does pass the minimum taste test, but it fails to meet the flavour of even “simply fish” oven products, and is a far cry from fish shop battered cod.   So for a meat eater or pesco-vegetarian it is not a “go to” first choice.  For veggies and vegans, however, it might well have something to offer.

The fillets are composed of a blend of soy, pea, corn, and rice flours, and has wheat and tapioca starch as well.  Each fillet has 274 calories, and 8.7 grams of fat.  Carbohydrate figures were not given on the product, but they do contain 1.1 grams of sugars.

I had the fillets prepared in the oven, and served on a bun with tartar sauce.  It made for a good main course for a dinner, but as I have noted it was much like a fish finger sandwich, with the only gain being its form as a single paddy rather than separate fingers.




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