Bald Eagles, Nest, Birds, Predators, Prey, Wild, Symbol


On a clifftop – bright and airy

The lad crept up – rather wary

His intent an egg – away to carry

From the majestic eagles’ aerie


His task his brother did elicit

To do the crime was quite explicit

Sam did say “no one will miss it,”

“In fact, only fools say it’s illicit.”


So the boy – the nest did approach

Thinking thus – he was beyond reproach

As on the mountain – he did encroach

The raptor’s legacy – to poach


But woe to him did befall

For the momma eagle was not small

With a swift dive she made him bawl

His back with talons, she did maul


So empty handed he did return

With brother Sam, he would be stern

For an important lesson he did learn

A life of thievery he now would spurn




Saturday Mix – Double Take:

Our homophone sets this week are:

aerie – eagle’s nest
airy – breezy


elicit – to draw out
illicit – unlawful


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