The Illustrator


Victoria_Borodinova at Pixabay

It was pretty awful in primary school.  Arthur Sullivan was a quiet lad, and never seemed to fit in.  What made it worse was his parents, and his teachers always called him Art.  The class bullies thought that was hilarious, and used to leave miscellaneous art supplies in his desk, or his lunch box.  Trust me, biting into coloured chalk in your ploughman’s sandwich is pretty nasty – talk about chalk and cheese.

By the time he was in junior school, he decided to go with the flow, and began to use all of the free supplies to pursue art as a hobby.  It seemed art was natural for Art.  He kept this fact secret for a long while however, even doing only his semi-best in art class to recognition of his talents.

It wasn’t until his third year of high school that he was found out, and then quite by accident.  He inadvertently mixed up his homework pad with his “home pad.”  When his teacher saw the work she was amazed.  Before long he was a rising star in the department, and even his biggest detractors had to acknowledge the awesomeness of his work.

By seventeen he had secured a place at a major art school, and went on to become a background artist for a major comic book company.  It was there that his supervisor came across one of his private sketchbooks.  Within its pages was a highly developed series of illustrated stories of the mighty Wave, an oceanic superhero who was greater than Aqua-man and Poseidon combined.  The featured serial of this character soon followed, as did the bids for the movie rights.

Art Sullivan had proved to be a power of nature in his own right – The Illustrator!



Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #48

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