I Never Knew

Detail of The School of Athens -Wikipedia

Sticking to the theme of philosophy, Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda from Go Dog Go Cafe challenged us to write a piece using the words, “I never knew.”   What a great prompt to get philosophical with!


I never knew –

Such depths to ponder –

I had no clue –

As my mind did wander


Is it all just shadows on the wall?

Did Plato make – any sense at all?

Are ethics just a thing we make?

A response to society’s past mistakes?


I never knew there was so much to take in –

I’m finding it hard to even begin –

Aristotle, Spinoza, Hobbs, and Hume –

Makes me want to hide in my room


But big questions I’ll find – even there –

Is time relative – or the same everywhere?

Does the image I see in the mirror –

Make my understanding of self any clearer?


I never knew

How hard it could be –

So I’ll just give up –

And watch TV




Tuesday Writing Prompt:  “I never knew” 






3 thoughts on “I Never Knew

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