Blue Peter

Image by Rujhan Basir from Pixabay

The Blue Peter had been hoisted, and anchors were aweigh.  William Boyd, master of the Amy consulted his charts one more time as the forward watch called out the soundings.  The weather was promising with the following wind ample.  This was an auspicious start for the expedition.

On the Barbara, Captain Henry Clark called commands towards the masts.   The sails were set, and his ship maneuvered to follow a little to the windward of his brother-in-law’s vessel.  Henry had married Barbara, the sister of Boyd’s wife, Amy, a mere four months before, and the new relations soon began to plan a voyage to the islands recently ceded by the Dutch.  Spices and fortune awaited them.

This was Clark’s first command, though he had previously been first mate to Boyd.  The profits possible from two holds, however seemed to outweigh the up front expenses of acquiring a second vessel.  The seven year old Pelican was for sale at a reasonable price, and soon found its way into Clark’s care, thus receiving the new name Barbara.

The sisters, Amy and Barbara, watched from the quay as their namesakes and the men they loved sailed outward bound, Blue Peter dancing in the wind.




Daily Writing Prompt #10: Sea Adventure

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