The Fayre

Carnival, Mardi Gras, Celebration, Mardi Gras Mask


A wandered forth – for a breath of air

And happened upon the village square

It had transformed since I’d last been there

It now sported – a travelling fayre

There were breathers of fire, and a juggling pair

Their costumes elaborate – and their act had flair

The excitement was more than I could bear

So I beat a retreat away from there



Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time:

“This week I am introducing a new challenge to the Saturday Mix – ‘Rhyme Time.

‘Rhyme Time’ focuses on the use of rhyme to build your writing piece. You will be given six rhyming words* and need to use all of them (but not limited to these) in your response, which should be a poetry form of your choice.

*Homophones can be used as alternatives to the challenge words.

Our rhyming words this week are:

  1. square
  2. air
  3. bare (or bear)
  4. flare (or flair)
  5. pair (or pear)
  6. fair (or fare)”

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