The End: The Doors

Jim Adams’ Sunday Lyrics challenge was to write about a song which contains lyrics including – Bottom/End/Middle/Side/Top.  The Doors’ 1967 song The End does just that.  It was originally recorded without over dubbing.  A remix of the song featured in Francis Ford Coppola’s film Apocalypse Now.

Lyrics (Abridged)


This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

[Verse 1]
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes again

[Verse 2]
Can you picture what will be?
So limitless and free
Desperately in need
Of some stranger’s hand
In a desperate land

[Verse 3]
Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah



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