To Kill the Witch Queen

Witch, Black Cat, Broom, Halloween, Dark

image: Pixabay


That is how you’ll kill the Witch Queen.

Its not by water, or by burning

For Oz had it wrong, and Salem did too

It has nothing to do with a ruby shoe

For the witches in Disney, they too are flawed

Rarely does their MO – poisoned apples involve

No to rid yourself of witches

And evil step mothers too

Just kill them with kindness

It’s the least you can do




Written for d’Verse Poetics: Last Lines

The prompt:  “Choose a book that is physically close to you right now. Ok, it might not be the first one within reach. I will never know. Turn to the LAST page. Read the last one or two lines. Let these words stir your poetic soul and write a poem. Grab your cookbook, encyclopedia (if you still own one), novel, poetry book, biography, magazine, instruction manual, whatever your heart desires.”

The book near at hand was the ebook Song of Shadows by Sylvia Mercedes.  The last line is “That is how you will kill the Witch Queen.”



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