The Message


The day started normally for Susan White, proprietor of the Buttons and Bows  Haberdashery.  She unlocked the security door, and disabled the alarm, but before she could secure the door again, a large male assailant pushed into the shop and demanded that she hand over all of the cash from the tills.

Quick thinking Susan explained that the safe was on a timer and wouldn’t open for another ten minutes, but she would go stand by it and open it as soon as it clicked.  She then asked if she might be able to do some work behind the counter while they waited.

The thug agreed and Susan began to rearrange the zipper fastenings on the rack behind the till.  Just as the safe clicked, drawing the man’s attention, Sarah Williams, the shop assistant burst into the shop along with the mall security officer and two policemen.

Sarah had approached the shop five minutes earlier, and glanced through the shop window before entering.  She immediately ran to fetch the security man and the constables.

Why?  The answer is simple.  She had seen Susan’s Zip Code.


I was very naughty today and exceeded the 150 limit.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #62

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