The Solution


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After over fifty years of purification and testing, the first human trials were about to go ahead.  Dr. Peter Talberry held the vial of solution derived from the brain cells of Specimen Number 1.   It was hoped that this would prove to be a breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases, the cognitive improvement already having been proven in lab rats.

The volunteer, Air Force Major Dominic Clarke, had received a severe head injury in an emergency ejection.  These injuries had left him unable to continue flight ops, and he had since been limited to administrative duties.  It was hoped that the test solution might be “the solution” to his diminished abilities.

“Okay, this is your last chance to back out,” Doctor Talberry  said as he approached the major.

“No, let’s go for it,” Clarke responded.

The greenish liquid was bitter on Clarke’s tongue, and sent an almost immediate burning sensation through his entire body.  His head began to pound, and he only barely was able to overcome the nausea that followed.

Two days later the effects of his head injury were gone, and his IQ had risen to 184.  It was another success for Area 51.

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