The Pilgrim’s Quest

CCC #63

The Shire of the North-Folk was one of the first settled by the Anglo-Saxon tribes.  They found flat, fertile land there, with slow flowing waterways, and spiritual traditions which preceded even the Roman conquest.  Many Stowe places were found – sites of gathering -and these often had supernatural connections.

In the Christian era, Walsingham in the county’s north, was the site of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin to Lady Richeldis.  Elsewhere in the Norfolk, the mystic Julian of Norwich inspired faith.  So, it was not surprising that word spread of the arrival of a newcomer in the county offering a new source of peace.

Always ones to seek spiritual guidance, Thomas and Helen Landry traveled from their home in Glastonbury to Norfolk, hoping that this pilgrimage would offer them enlightenment.  Unfortunately the message had become muddled.  No, they didn’t find a Lama providing peace, but a llama providing new fleece.

(150 words)


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #63



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