Writers’ Conference

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“Our ratings are really dropping.  I think the public considers our stuff too predictable,” Melling said.

“Are you suggesting that we’re too old fashioned?” Hayes inquired.

“Not so much ‘old fashioned’, as stale,” Melling responded.

“Our stuff dropped them dead in the Palladium,” Hughs interjected.

“Yeah, but that was thirty years ago Artie,” Melling said.

“What if we make it a bit more rude,” Hayes suggested.

“Dropping ‘F bombs’ isn’t Alan’s style, and you know that.  There has to be more grit, without it being dirt,” Melling said.

“What if we take our old gags, and give them a modern edge?” Hughs asked.

“Yeah. How?” Melling asked.

“Like, um, a vegan goes into a pub and asks the barmaid – ‘Do you serve veg here?’ The blonde could say something like “wheel them in and we will see what we can do.'” Hughs suggested.

“That’s just offensive,” Melling said.

“I’m not trying to be funny Melling, but you have turned too P.C.” Hughs said.

“That was obvious,” Melling snapped.

“What?” Hughs asked confused.

“You not being funny.  That’s why we are having this meeting.”




Daily Writing Prompt #24: Comedy



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