Wild Country

Bison Near Kelly Wyoming, Bison, Nature


Wild country –

Barren land –

Sweeping grasses –

Untouched by man.


The wagons roll,

Across the wide prairie –

Keen eyed scouts –

Of dangers wary.


Intrepid settlers –

New lives to make –

Establishing their homesteads –

With plough and rake.


Soon this land –

Settled –

Will be wild –

No more.


(44 Words)




dVerse: Quadrille #96: Wild Monday







13 thoughts on “Wild Country

  1. I like the way your quadrille has the steady rhythm of a wagon train making its way through the ‘Sweeping grasses – / Untouched by man’, right up until the final stanza, which brings it to a tragic halt. I’ve never understood why the settlers invasion of a beautiful wild country has been romanticised.

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  2. Wild no more….no more buffalo………I read today that the US govt plans to kill off all the wild mustangs. It is amazing I am not in a padded room somewhere, so much this bothers me.

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