Marking the Day

Jon and Eva had met a year before.  It was amazing how the year had flown by, and they had made the most of the time they shared together.  Scheduling was not always easy. During the school term, Eva was constantly marking or writing lesson plans.  This was complicated even more when Jon’s firm sent him to Hamburg for four weeks to work on a new retail development there.

Yes, time was short, but they did what the could. Eva even put several of her own paintings on hold so she could meet with “Mr. Shy,” as she called him.

Shy he might be, but he was also romantic.  Eva had made a passing comment on the day they had met, that she loved turquoise.  This stuck with him, and when they had their six “Month-versary” he presented her with a pair of turquoise earrings.  And then with the anniversary of their meeting approaching, he bought her a dress as near to the color of the blossoms they had seen on that day.

Now, on the anniversary, they again met at the cafe.  Eva was wearing her new dress, and Jon had one of the little flowers from the park, which he handed to her at the table.  She smiled and tucked it behind her ear,

They chatted about nothing in particular, but held hands and just enjoyed each other’s company.

“Would you like to go for a walk in the park?” he finally asked.

“I would love it,” she said.

He paid the waitress and then walked Eva across the street to the flower carpeted park.

“Eva,” he said taking on his trade mark red hue.

“Yeah,” she responded thinking something was up.

“Would you like – like to go to Barcelona with me?” he said taking out a pair of airline tickets.

She smiled and nodded in the affirmative, and then kissed him.

After a moment he stepped back and then blushed even more severely than usual.

“What?” she said teasingly.  “Are you up to something?”

This was confirmed a moment later when he dropped to one knee and produced a diamond ring flanked with two small turquoise stones.

“Eva Mason, will you marry me?”

She pulled him to his feet and kissed him.

“Yes! Yes, I will,” she almost squealed.

He placed the ring upon her finger, and held her tightly.

After a long embrace, and when they had both stopped shaking, he stepped back and took out his phone.

“Lay down in the flowers so I can take a picture.  I want to remember this moment forever.”


Inspiration Call: Character Development Thursday

One thought on “Marking the Day

  1. Oh, the kids today have so many ways to remember. I remember buttercups and daisies, and wild roses and May blossoms, and cow parsley… and pink campions. With no camera to capture it, it stays fresh in my memory, complete with the delightful smells.

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