Spring Before Summer’s Untimely Fall


Oh rounded hill, springtime greet –

You are so unprepared for what your wooded slopes –

So soon shall meet –

For centuries, you have welcomed spring and summer’s sun –

Quiet blossoms, and shoots of green –

Seldom visited by man – a never his gun.

Hold onto the memory of this warm, sunlit day

Let it it overshadow recollection of the coming fray.

Oh Pennsylvanian hill – weep-

For the men of  Alabama and Maine,

Whose life-blood shall spill –

Leaving you never the same.




Teresa Grabs’ Daily Writing Prompt today is a painting of a peaceful springtime hillside.  It immediately reminded me of depictions of Gettysburg’s Little Round Top.  The stones, and trees are very similar to the location used in the 1993 Ronald Maxwell film, Gettysburg to shoot “Chamberlain’s Charge.”  I have added links to some other paintings of The Little Round Top, and I have let the combination of all of these images flow into this poem.


Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3





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