Rounding Up The Once Crimson Crispina


Teresa Grabs has challenged us this week to: “shine the spotlight on another blogger. Sometimes people have difficulty seeing their own talent, and this is a way to boost the WP community. Write a post that spotlights another blogger.”

It was not difficult for me to immediately come up with my fellow East Anglian, Crispina Kemp to write about.  Crispina hails from the East Norfolk coast, and her photography and writing often capture the uniqueness of the coast and Broads near her Great Yarmouth home.

Her blog, Crispina Kemp the blog: Myths, legends, history, poems, photos… a creative miscellany, does all that it says on the tin and more.  Within her posts you will find samples of her own imaginative fiction, insightful poems, and features such as Sunday Fungi – quality photos of mushrooms, and kindred species.  Her photography really is impressive.  Within her posts you will also find creative writing prompts based on photos of her travels.

In addition to her blog-work, Crispina is a novelist, with a passion for fantasy writing.  Her Spinner’s series is now being published (Crispina Kemp on Amazon), and I look forward to the full series release.

Do pay her blog a visit, I am sure you won’t regret it.



One thought on “Rounding Up The Once Crimson Crispina

  1. Padre, I’m astounded almost into wordlessly. And if my fingers slip and hit a typo that’s cos my eyes are a weeny bit blurred. I do thank you. What wonderful things to say about me. Gosh. I feel I ought to say more, but don’t know what. I thank you.

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