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“Let bygones be bygones” –

The past be the past –

Our disgruntled feelings –

Really shouldn’t last.


“Let bygones be bygones,” –

Is easy to say,

But when your spirit is broken –

You can’t see it that way.


“Let bygones be bygones”

Those little quips and slights,

That cut to the bone –

And turned joy into ice.


“Let bygones be bygones,”

I hear you say –

“I did those things to you –

When we were children at play.”


“Let bygones be bygones” –

How things now have changed –

I’m sorry Mr. Wilson,

Your loan can’t be arranged.




Fandango’s February Expressions #9: Let bygones be bygones

I often tell my students that making fun of the clever student might prove to be “bad Karma.”  Just remember the nerd you bully today, might well be your bank manager or the guy that signs your pay cheque tomorrow.










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