The Audition

Gladiator, Street Performance

image: Pixabay

Walliamius had already given his golden thumb-up to a scantily dressed Athenian poet, early in the season.  He would be joined in the grand final in the coliseum by a strange contestant from a place called “the crossroads” who posed an unsolvable riddle about a beast that traveled on varying numbers of legs.

Cowellus Simonius Maximus had just given a thumbs-down to an Egyptian juggler, and glanced at his audition schedule.  He smiled as he considered the lively performances the afternoon session held in store.  He really did enjoy these live semi-finals – after all they provided so much spectacle with it being a head-to-head competition.

As Spartacus, Judah Ben Hur, Maximus Decimus Meridius entered the audition space the audience roared with anticipation.  This truly was going to be a close competition to gain the final spot on Rome’s Got Talent.




FOWC with Fandango — Riddle


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