The Inquisitor

Instrument, Old, Sextant, Protractor


“What’s that you carry’n, Mister?” the boy asked as Steve Jonus passed him on the street.

“What business is that of yours?” Steve replied.

“None, I s’pose,” the youth said. “It’s juss that it looks curious.”

“Curious?” Steve replied unwittingly being drawn into the conversation.

“Yep, ain’t ever seen anythin’ like it before.”

“It’s a sextant,” Steve said. “It’s to help me make maps.”

“What do you need to make maps for?” the boy retorted.

“So people can find their way to places,” Jonus explained.

“Like where?”

“Like to Centreville,” the cartographer said.

“Why’d they need a map for that?” the boy queried. “It’s juss on the otter side of the bridge.”



Tale Weaver #262 – Carry



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