War Room – Public Domain

“What will they do next?” the Prime Minister asked his Joint Security Team.

“It’s impossible to say for sure, Sir,” the head of Military Intelligence replied.

“Not so fast John,” the acting head of Communications and Intercepts interrupted.  “Prime Minister, we have had a lot of coded chatter on their system.  We have cracked several sections of it, and while most is as Sir John suggests, largely inconclusive, there has been a recurring mention of Kenya lately.

“We have picked up on that as well,” the First Sea Lord interjected.  “But it is usually followed by mention of Sri Lanka on most days.

“So do I have this right?  You are suggesting that the Terrorists are planning an attack somewhere in the Indian Ocean region, with Kenya and Sri Lanka likely targets?”

“I think that is a reasonable assumption, Prime Minister, but as I said before it isn’t an absolute,” Sir John replied.

Meanwhile in a fortified compound near Jalilibad, the network’s leader, “The Hyena” was sending his orders for the day.  Two croissants and a large latte, and be sure it is that nice Kenyan roast.   ‘The Scorpion’ would like a Sri Lankan bean cappuccino and a raspberry muffin.”


FOWC with Fandango — Impossible

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