Hungry Times

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“These are going to be hungry times,” Randolf said to Simon.

“I reckon you’re right,” the hunter replied to his brother.

“Pa said it was a bad sign when that early frost hit.  These woods ain’t been quite right ever since.”

“Peggy gathered up some nuts a while back, but they is on the small side,” Simon replied.  “Looks like the deer got the message before we did and hightailed.  There ain’t even many acorns this year.”

“There’s some rutting marks over by that oak though.  Must be a boar or wild hog about,” Randolf said giving a nod towards the tree.

“I hope so,” his brother replied. “I don’t look forward to a winter with just corn cake and mule meat for supper.”

“Well then lets stop this jawing and get ourselves a pig.”



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