Welcome to Town

Finland, Rauma, Wooden Houses


The altercation had been unexpected.  Don had only lived in the area for a few weeks, and he hadn’t realised that the clap-board house he had leased was on the “bad” side of town.  The attack had been sudden and unprovoked, and now he was hurrying home with an unsteady gait, half dragging his left leg as he shuffled along.

Who sics a Doberman on passing strangers? he questioned to himself as he reached the rickety gate of his rental property. Well, at least I’m home, he thought as he pulled the keys from his torn jeans pocket.

As slammed the front door shut, he turned the latch with urgency.  What did that guy call that monster of a dog?  he questioned.  Toto, yes that was definitely it.  I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore.




Saturday Mix – Double Take, 29 February 2020:

The homophone sets this week are: gait – manner of walking or running,
gate – fence door and leased – rented,  least – the minimum





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